We have seen hundreds of different goat houses and barns. Each and everyone have its own advantage and usefulness but not all are effective. We literally traveled from Luzon to Visayas and to Mindanao just to look for a perfect goat house. Because in year 2001, there is hardly a goat breeder here in Luzon area, majority are located in Mindanao.

With all the farms we visited, we finally start building our own goat house, we carefully study different variables such as weather condition, average temperature, type of goat management whether it will be full grazing, semi intensive or full confinement system and others.

We, JSJ GOAT FARM, decided to adopt full confinement system of goat breeding. We raise the whole house of our goats to make it elevated. We use galvanize sheet and steel trusses for long term purposes. And the most important among all is the use of plastic flooring.

Many people who have visited us are wondering why we develop and produce plastic flooring just to be used for our goat house. At that time, majority is using bamboos as floorings in their goat houses and a few are starting to use woods. The answer is just simple, WEWANT OUR INVESTMENT TO BE WORTHWHILE.

Since we start using quality imported goats, they are bigger and heavier. And in a full confinement system of goat management, bamboos wonâ’t be able to hold them for long since it absorbs moisture, bamboos won’t last. And the sad part to it, your goat might break a leg when they step on slats that have already too much moisture. IT IS CHEAPER TO BUILD A GOAT HOUSE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME AROUND.