JSJ GOAT FARM is located at Barangay Caturay, Gerona, Tarlac, about 140 km north of Manila. It was establish on June 2001 with less than 10 goats, as a hobby. After a few years of doing goat farming and seeing the potential on it, we are now doing the business fulltime and became our primary. We have around 300 heads of breeder goats and sheep utilizing a total of 10 hectares of improved pasture.

JSJ GOAT FARM is a family enterprise. It is owned by Jeffrey and Kathleen Lim. With this new field of business, we first started taking care of native goats, before eventually acquiring purebred goats to upgrade the genes of our animals. Moreover, we started importing goats from Australia on March 2005 by joining the first GOAT BUYING MISSION of our group, Goat and Sheep of Producers Association of Tarlac (GASPAT). Now, we have various goat breeds: Boer, Anglo Nubian, Saanen and British Alpines. For sheep: Dorpers.

As one of the pioneers in modern goat raising, our farm are not only engaged in breeding purebred goats, but  also in producing goats for slaughter. Upgraded goats are mainly used for meat production because they grow better and faster than our native goats. Aside from selling live goats, we also merchandise goat’s milk and specialty cheeses.