Anglo Nubian

Anglo Nubians are not heavy milk producers, though they have established average high fat yield. They tend to be less seasonal breeders compare to saanen breeds. They are most widely known as dual purpose goat breed. Meat and milk.

The anglo Nubians have long ears and roman nose. Females weighs an average of 65kg, while the males is around 75kg. Their teats tend to be longer compare to Swiss dairy breeds. And they have the colors combinations of different goats. But it should not show the full markings of a British alpine and Toggenburg breeds.


The Boer goat was developed in South Africa specifically for meat production. It is known to have a fast growth rate and excellent carcass quality. Boer goats commonly have white bodies and distictive brown heads. Like the anglo nubians, they have long and pendulous ears.



The Saanen is a swiss breed. It is the most popular among the entire dairy goat breed in many countries. They are tag as the Queen of all milking goats. We first import our saanen breed from Australia on July of 2007.

Saanen is a typical dairy type of goat. They only comes is color white or cream. It has erect ears. Their teats are only moderate in size. They have bigger frame in size compare to anglo Nubians but have approximate same weight. Though they have bigger body size but lesser meat.